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Police officer becomes caregiver for 6-month-old boy after parents test positive for Covid-19 News from India


NEW DELHI: A Delhi police officer opened her doors for a 6-month-old boy whose parents had tested positive for Covid-19.
The Delhi-based couple were left with no options to protect their newborn from Covid-19 as none of their relatives lived in the capital.
The couple had tested positive for Covid-19 and did not want the child to get sick, but did not have a place where they could leave him safe.
Most of his relatives in Uttar Pradesh were trapped due to the state lockdown and were unable to make the trip to Delhi to care for the child while the parents recover.
When there seemed to be no hope, Rakhi, a police officer from the Delhi police, came to help.
When Rakhi found out about the couple and their son, he spoke with his superior to discuss a solution.
After this, she approached the couple and expressed her willingness to take care of the child at home.
Rakhi took the boy into his care and cared for him until he was able to make arrangements to bring him safely to his grandparents’ home in Modinagar.

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