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Door-to-door vaccination could have saved many lives: Bombay HC | India News

MUMBAI: The Mumbai High Court said on Wednesday that if the Union government had started a door-to-door vaccination program for older people a few months ago, the lives of many of them, including prominent people, could have been saved.
A divisional bank of the Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Judge GS Kulkarni asked the Union government why not start this program proactively when the lives of the elderly, who cannot go to vaccination centers to get vaccinated , they are worried.
The court was hearing a public interest litigation brought by two attorneys, Dhruti Kapadia and Kunal Tiwari, seeking door-to-door vaccination facilities for people over the age of 75, people with special abilities, and people who are bedridden or wheelchair-bound.
The court reiterated its previous order of April 22 asking the Union government to review its decision not to initiate a door-to-door vaccination program.
“Three weeks have passed and the government (Union) has not yet informed us of its decision. The government should have made a decision one way or another,” the court said.
He ordered the Union government to submit an affidavit before May 19, when he would hear the matter further.
The court noted that many foreign countries have already set up door-to-door vaccination facilities.
“In India, we do a lot of things late and things travel to our country very slowly,” Judge Kulkarni said.
Why not initiate this (door-to-door vaccination) proactively when it comes to the lives of the elderly? asked the court.
“Spontaneously speaking, if we were to have a door-to-door vaccination program at some point, then many of our older adults, including prominent members of society from various walks of life, who have lost their lives to COVID-19, could they have been saved, “Judge Kulkarni said.
The court further said it had seen photographs of older people and many people in wheelchairs waiting outside vaccination centers in long lines.
“This was very heartbreaking and it was not a good sight. They must be suffering from so many ailments already and now face the risk of becoming infected with COVID-19 as well (while) waiting in so many crowds,” the bank said.
The court noted that the HC’s senior judges met with Birhanmumbai municipal commissioner Iqbal Chahal on Tuesday, in which he said that the civic body planned to start vaccination camps starting next week, which would have the capacity to inoculate 70,000 people per day. .
“If such camps are being started, then perhaps the elderly and people who cannot leave their homes can be identified and staff can go to their homes and vaccinate them,” suggested Chief Justice Datta.
The bank directed the BMC to submit an affidavit detailing the details of the affidavit and when it would begin and what steps the corporation plans to take over the next few days regarding the vaccination program.
The court noted that the availability of vaccines was also a problem.
To this, Additional Attorney General Anil Singh told the court that the Covishield vaccine would be available in a few days.
The court also sought to know from the civic body what measures it plans to take to vaccinate homeless people, beggars and people living on the street.
“They are also an important population and are transmitters of the coronavirus,” said the HC.

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