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Do not prohibit the entry of patients from other states, HC tells Telangana | India News


HYDERABAD: Wondering who made the decision to block ambulances transporting patients for admission to Hyderabad hospitals on the state border, the Telangana The higher court ordered police on Tuesday not to block the entry of such vehicles.
Qualify the action as contrary to the Right to life, a bench of the president of the court Hima Kohli and Judge B Vijaysen Reddy said the state was free to issue statements asking people not to go to their hospitals because they were already full. “You can issue such a notice to prevent people from crowding into your hospitals, but you cannot do the same through border blockades,” he said.

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At a time when hundreds of people are dying from the killer virus, the borders between states must be open and fluid when it comes to treating a patient. Any delay can be fatal and the difference between a few hours or, in some cases, even the minutes lost or gained can be the difference between life and death. The HC is right in his opinion.

The bank brought forward the hearing in the Covid-19 batch cases from May 13 to Tuesday and reviewed the situation. He disagreed with the claim that the state was conducting border controls just to ensure that those who had previously reserved their space in Hyderabad hospitals entered the state alone.

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