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Death of patients with Covid-19 due to severe oxygen deprivation: Sanjay Raut | India News


MUMBAI: Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut on Wednesday expressed concern about the death of Covid-19 patients due to a shortage of medical oxygen in the country.
Speaking to reporters here, he said: “All senior ministers must be in constant contact with each other. Let us help each other to defeat the pandemic. Do not hide the facts of Covid-19 in the states.”
Raut also said that the incident of the bodies found floating in a river was terrifying.
So far more than 50 bodies have been found floating in the Ganges River in the Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh.
“Death of patients due to lack of oxygen availability in different parts of the country is a serious matter. There was also oxygen shortage in Maharashtra, but the state government handled the situation well,” he said.
Raut said that the national task force established by the Supreme Court to formulate a methodology for the scientific allocation of oxygen to the states has a great responsibility before it.
The Sena leader said the editorial by party spokesman “Saamana” had highlighted with genuine concern the defeat of Congress in the recent Assembly elections in some states.
“We emphasize with genuine concern that Congress is a national party and had to face defeats, especially in Kerala and Assam, where it had the opportunity to defeat the incumbent governments. Even Sonia Gandhi made similar points in her CWC speech.” He said. .
Raut mocked the head of the state Congress, Nana Patole, who said she does not read “Saamana.”
Raut said: “Saamana must be read in Delhi and locally. Many have to formulate their policies accordingly. What ‘Saamana’ can do was seen during the change of government after the 2019 assembly elections.
“More than what local leaders say, we are interested in what national leaders say about national issues,” he added.
Patole had previously said that he had stopped reading ‘Saamana’ and the Shiv Sena should not comment on his party and his leadership.

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