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Transfer Punjab and Haryana HC Chief Justice: Lawyers | India News


Transfer Punjab and Haryana HC Chief Justice: Lawyers | India News

NEW DELHI: Amid rising Covid-19 cases, a storm is brewing in the Punjab Y Haryana superior court where the HC Bar Association has passed a resolution demanding the transfer of the Chief Justice RS Jha and has decided to boycott his court, forcing the highest regulatory body of defenders, Council of Lawyers of India, to intervene and resolve the deadlock.
The resolution of the HC Bar Association to boycott the court of the President of the Supreme Court until he was transferred was suspended by the Punjab Bar Association and Haryana and on Monday, the Bar Council of India (BCI) refused to overturn the suspension in an appeal from the HC Bar Association.
However, the Indian Bar Association, headed by Senior Counsel Manan Kumar Mishra, decided to establish a seven-member committee with Chief Counsel Ashwini Kumar Chopra as the coordinator to resolve the deadlock.
On May 7, the high court Law School had passed a resolution against the CJ requesting their transfer on the basis that there were serious irregularities in the list of cases and of 49 judges, only 12 had assigned work, which caused a large backlog of cases.
The resolution said that even urgent matters such as regular and anticipatory bonds were not being assumed. The Indian Bar Association said that, as sympathetic to the cause of defenders in the state, it cannot support the call for a boycott by any presiding judge or judge of a constitutional court. “A body of lawyers could resort to such extreme recourse only in the rarest cases where there are strong and compelling reasons and there is no other remedy for the legal fraternity,” he said.
The Punjab and Haryana Bar Association had passed a detailed order suspending the May 7 ruling on the same day. The association challenged the state bar councilthe order based on being approved ex parte.
The Indian Bar Association, while expressing concern about the High Court Bar Association grievance, said that these problems were common to almost all high courts.
“Except for one or two HCs, everyone else cannot handle urgent matters and there is strong resentment among litigants and attorneys,” he said. The Indian Bar Association formed a seven-member committee to meet with the Punjab CJ and Haryana HC to redress the complaints of the defenders.
In addition to Chopra, the committee includes HC Bar Association Chairman and Secretary Harpreet Singh Brar, former chairman of the state bar council, leading lawyers Puneet Bali and Anu Chatrath, and Indian Bar Council member, Partap Singh.
He also asked the Chief Justice to listen to the committee and redress the bar association’s complaints to the extent possible and feasible. He also said that the Supreme Court chief justice’s transfer demand was inappropriate and unjustified and would not solve the problem facing defenders and litigants.


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