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Covid-19: Jain Temple Will Open Doors for Mumbai Vaccination Campaign | India News


MUMBAI: The city’s fight against Covid-19 was shot in the arm by a Jain derasar who became the first religious place to implement the vaccination campaign at its facilities starting Tuesday. The Jain temple in JB Nagar, Andheri East, has been converted into a vaccination center complete with CCTV cameras, refrigerators to store vaccine vials and rooms for doctors. The campaign at the temple, which is listed as Tarunbharat Jain Mandir on the CoWin app, will be conducted by Seven Hills Hospital.
“The derasar will be open to vaccinate everyone, regardless of caste creed and religion, and the vaccination will be carried out according to the instructions of MCGM,” said Jinesh Shah, a local who has been instrumental in the beginning of the process to convert the temple into a vaccination center. . “It’s about giving back to society for a bigger cause,” Shah said.
The measure has also encouraged other Jain temples with derasar in the S neighborhood, IIT market, to also request permission to carry out the immunization.
The Kantinagar Shwetambar Murtipujak Tapagach Jain Sangh steering committee came up with the idea to offer the temple months ago.

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