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Covid-19: IAF airlifts two containers of cryogenic oxygen from Jakarta | India News


NEW DELHI: As the country’s healthcare infrastructure struggles to bear the burden of mounting Covid-19 cases, the Indian Air Force’s IL-76 is bringing two containers of cryogenic oxygen from Jakarta, Indonesia, to Jamnagar.
According to an IAF statement, another transports three containers from Singapore to Panagarh.
Within the country, an IAF C-17 aircraft transported four oxygen tankers from Nagpur to Bhubaneswar, four from Vijaywada to Bhubaneswar, two from Lucknow to Ranchi, two from Bhopal to Ranchi and two from Yelahanka to Bhubaneswar.
The C-17s are in the process of transporting four oxygen tankers from Chandigarh to Ranchi, two from Agra to Jamnagar, three from Hindan to Bhubaneswar, four from Gwalior, Bhopal and Chennai to Ranchi and Jamnagar, and six from Hyderabad to Bhubaneswar.
India registered 3,66,161 new cases of coronavirus on Monday, the union’s health ministry reported. With this, the cumulative case count has risen to 2,26,62,575, including 2,46,116 deaths, 37,45,237 active cases, and 3,53,818 recoveries.

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