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Bihar and UP blame each other for the Ganges corpses | India News


Bihar and UP blame each other for the Ganges corpses | India News

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PATNA / BUXAR: A day after dozens of decomposed and half-burned corpses floated through the Bargain dumped ashore in the village of Chausa in Buxar, officials from Bihar and neighboring UP participated in a blame game over which state was responsible for dumping bodies into the river.
The Bihar government said 71 bodies had been recovered and cremated after autopsies that did not confirm whether the deaths were caused by Covid-19. Union jal Shakti’s minister, Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, called the dumping of bodies in the Ganges “unfortunate” and a matter that should be investigated.
Labeling of Bihar CM Nitish Kumar and his Uttar Pradesh counterpart Yogi adityanath In a tweet on Tuesday, he said: “The Modi government is committed to cleaning up ‘mother’ Ganga. This incident is unexpected. The States concerned must be informed immediately. ”
In a series of tweets, Bihar’s water resources minister Sanjay Kumar Jha said that the bodies recovered from Chausa’s Mahadev Ghat on Monday were between four and five days old, according to post-mortem reports.
“The last rites of 71 bodies were performed according to the Covid protocol. A net has been laid in the river at Ranighat, bordering UP and Bihar. We advise the UP administration to be alert; our district administrator is maintaining vigil also. “Jha wrote that CM Nitish was” pained “by the tragedy, as well as the damage done to the” purity “of the Ganges.
In Buxar, DM Aman Samir claimed that the bodies had been dumped in the neighboring Ghazipur district of UP, a charge that the district administration had vehemently denied.
“As the bodies were found there (Buxar), they would know better about their origin,” said Ghazipur DM Mangla Prasad Singh. A search revealed more bodies in UP’s Ballia. Until Tuesday night there was no official statement on the number of bodies found.
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