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26 Die Due to Oxygen Shortage at Goa’s Main Government Hospital | India News


26 Die Due to Oxygen Shortage at Goa's Main Government Hospital | India News

PANAJI: Minister of Health of Goa Vishwajit rane made a surprising announcement on Tuesday: that many Covid patients were dying due to oxygen supply problems in the early hours of each morning in Goa College of Medicine, and that 26 had died between the same hours of Tuesday. The minister asked the Bombay High Court to investigate what was happening in GMC.
“Due to the interruption of the oxygen supply, we believe that between 2 a.m. M. And 6 a.m. M. Many people are dying at GMC. It is necessary for the higher court to conduct an investigation directly. There are pending petitions before him. The HC may appoint a committee of experts to find out why deaths occur between 2 a.m. M. And 6 a.m. M. And present a white paper, “he said.
For days, TOI has reported a nighttime drop in oxygen that often leaves patients out of breath. Unaided, doctors and nurses have been forced to improvise, sometimes connecting up to three patients to a single oxygen cylinder.
Rane’s statement came on a day when Goa recorded 75 deaths from Covid, its highest count in a single day, of which 48 patients died at GMC.
“On Monday, our requirement was about 1,200 cylinders, but we received 400 cylinders. The hospital has faced an oxygen supply shortage,” said the health minister.
But the prime minister Pramod sawant, who visited GMC’s Covid rooms earlier in the day, claimed there was enough oxygen and said the crisis was due to “mismanagement.” “It seems that the oxygen does not reach the patients. I will fix the responsibility and simplify it,” he said.
Sawant said there was a delay in the allocation of cylinders. “To solve this problem, 600 oxygen cylinders (compared to 400) will be made available to GMC, and we will make them available within 24 hours,” he said. He said GMC requires 55 oxygen cars (each car provides 336 cubic liters of oxygen).
“To speed up the movement of oxygen carts, we have called in experts and drivers on Wednesday to clear this bottleneck. This will stop the oxygen pressure drops and the problem will be solved,” he said.
Sawant, who met with government doctors Tuesday night, said the state government also decided to install a 20MT liquid oxygen tank at GMC within eight days. “I will personally oversee the facility,” Sawant said, even as he asked GMC to transfer 150 patients to the new super specialty block to reduce the burden on the state’s main hospital.
“Once the oxygen tank is full and another 200 Covid patients are transferred to the superspecialities block, there will be less oxygen demand at GMC,” he said.
Earlier in the day, after visiting Covid wards, Sawant blamed Scoop Industries, the company contracted by the government to supply oxygen to public hospitals in the state, for the delay in delivering oxygen. “If he (the owner of Scoop Industries) is bound by a 10-year contract to supply oxygen, how can he now unload the responsibility on the state government? I will not tolerate such acts that will lead to the death of Covid patients due to oxygen shortage “. Sawant said.
The delivery of oxygen through the GMC central line has been erratic for weeks, putting the lives of patients receiving non-invasive ventilation, those with severe Covid pneumonia, and those with acute respiratory distress at risk. Among the many measures taken by the government last month to manage Covid was the appointment of three IAS officers as nodal officers to maintain medical oxygen supply to hospitals. “It is your responsibility to find out what the problem is and inform the CM about it. I will also speak with the CM to find out where the mismanagement is happening. As Minister of Health, I want to know,” he added. Rane saying. The health minister said the prime minister was “misinformed” but did not elaborate.
Sawant said there should be a ward attendant who takes care of supplying oxygen to patients, as nurses cannot handle it.
“I have understood all the problems and will come up with a 100% solution to the problem in one day,” said Sawant.


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