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NLC Installs Oxygen Plants in TN, UP and Rajasthan | India News


NEW DELHI: Lignite miner NLC is installing nine plants to produce medical oxygen at its project sites across the country, including Neyveli and Thoothukudi in Tamil Nadu.
The company said Monday that it has submitted tenders and that the plants will be completed within a month after the tender process is completed. The plants will use ‘pressure swing adsorption’ technology, which concentrates oxygen in the air for medical use.
“Two plants worth Rs 25-30 lakh each will be installed in the company’s hospital in Neyveli, while three plants with a higher capacity worth Rs 65-70 lakh each will be installed in the identified Chennai hospitals. by the state government, “the president quoted in the statement. Rakesh Kumar as saying.
In addition, NLC will establish three plants in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, the latter through its subsidiary Neyveli Uttar Pradesh Power Ltd.
The company is in the process of ordering 500 medical oxygen concentrators with a capacity of 10 LPM (liters per minute) each. “The bids have already been launched and we will finalize the bidder in a week. The oxygen concentrators will also be shipped to states such as Odisha, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan as required, ”Kumar said according to the statement.
The oxygen plants will be funded under the company’s corporate social responsibility program for 2021-22.
A computed tomography facility is being installed at his Neyveli hospital. The facility will be installed in a month and a half and will be used not only for the employees, but also for the people of the surrounding villages.

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