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As Hopes for Herd Immunity Fade, the World May Need to Learn to Live with the Virus | India News


WASHINGTON: America’s Leading Infectious Disease Expert Dr. Anthony Fauci is making a strong and urgent case for developed countries and pharmaceutical companies to rush Covid-19 vaccines and raw materials to make vaccines in India , saying that vaccinating the population is the best possible “end” to contain. a pandemic that is devastating the subcontinent.
Dr. Fauci’s request comes amid a sharp decline in vaccination in the US, which has given injections to almost half of its population, and a control measure on Covid-19 in other Western countries, all stored in stocks of unused vaccines.

Western pharmaceutical companies also insist they will increase vaccine production rather than loosen control over patents or raw materials, and argue that shipping vaccines to India is a faster way to meet their needs.
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“India is the largest vaccine producing country in the world. They have to get their resources not only from within but also from outside; that is the reason why other countries have to contribute in order to get supplies for Indians to make their own vaccines or to get donated vaccines, “Dr. Fauci told ABC News on Sunday, as the scale of the Covid-19 carnage in India continued to make headlines around the world.
Dr. Fauci has previously criticized developed nations for not doing enough to help India amid warnings from many quarters that the virus knows no borders and that any global disregard for the rise in India will once again haunt the world.

The Biden administration said last week that it will support waiving intellectual property protections for Covid-19 vaccines, but given the reluctance of several countries and large pharmaceutical companies to follow Washington’s line, this appears not to be a start. Even if the global bureaucracy pushes it, drug companies say technology transfer and capacity constraints in India will take time to resolve, despite India’s experience in the domain.

Dr Fauci’s Tip: Just rush raw materials and prepared vaccines to India.
The US is now oversupplied of vaccines to the point that many states are not even collecting their quota from the federal government despite the fact that only about a third of the country is fully vaccinated and about half have received one. injection.
Of the 329 million doses shipped to states by Washington, about 257 million have been administered, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Pharmacies across the US are now offering walk-in appointments for vaccines, with few candidates in many parts of the country – a distant target for India given the scale of need that the world and New Delhi itself were slow to recognize.
In the short term, Dr. Fauci suggested that a national shutdown in India, either federally mandated or left to the discretion of the states, was inevitable to break the transmission cycle.
“You have to shut down. I think several of the Indian states have already done it, but you need to break the chain of transmission, and one of the ways to do that is to shut down,” said Dr. Fauci, who was criticized by the right wing. in the United States by similar prescription at the height of the pandemic, he said.
The battle between epidemiological prescriptions and political and economic considerations continues in the United States to this day.
Dr Fauci also proposed increasing field hospitals and addressing oxygen shortages among the immediate measures needed in India, but the ultimate goal he maintained was simply to vaccinate the entire country.

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