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Sonowal ‘marg-darshak’; grateful to Prime Minister Modi Amit Shah: Assam CM-elect Himanta | India News


Sonowal 'marg-darshak'; grateful to Prime Minister Modi Amit Shah: Assam CM-elect Himanta | India News

NEW DELHI: Assam CM-designates Himanta Cable on Sunday he said that former CM Sarbanda Sonowal it will remain “marg-darshak” to him.
After being unanimously elected as the party’s legislative leader on Sunday morning, Sarma praised his predecessor.
“He practiced values ​​politics. Sonowal is a forward-thinking leader, someone who had a vision to unite the people of ‘Barak-Brahmaputra-plains-hills’ while ensuring that no sector of society was left behind. He He was our leader and will continue to be our ‘marg-darshak’, “said Sarma.
Himanta Biswa Sarma later that day he met with Governor Jagdish Mukhi and raised his right to form a government.
Sarma also thanked Sonowal for showing “immense faith” in him by handing him important portfolios during his tenure as Assam CM.
“He inspired me to serve people well. I promise to follow the path he has shown us in the last five years,” said the CM designee.
The question of who will be the next CM of Assam has dominated the headlines since elections held in the northeastern state last month.
Sonowal and Sarma had been fighting for the CM position even before the results came in, and the stalemate continued for exactly a week after the May 2 election results cleared the way for NDAgovernment of.
The two leaders met with the party’s high command in Delhi on Saturday as part of deliberations to decide on the prime minister.
Sarma also expressed gratitude to the prime minister for prioritizing the northeast and the interior minister. Amit shah for the “meticulous planning” that resulted in the return of peace to the Bodo and Karbi areas.
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