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Consensus among MLA that Badals rules Punjab, instead of Congress: Navjot Singh Sidhu | India News


Consensus among MLA that Badals rules Punjab, instead of Congress: Navjot Singh Sidhu | India News

Congress Leader Navjot Singh Sidhu (File Photo)

CHANDIGARH: Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu on Sunday he sharpened his attack on his own government in Punjab, claiming there is a “consensus” among lawmakers that the state is being run by the “Badals“instead of yours party.
Sidhu’s new salvo against his own government came a day after he alleged that it was the “incompetence” of Prime Minister Amarinder Singh that the government was forced to accept the order of the Punjab and Haryana high court on the dismissal case. from the Kotkapura Police in 2015.
The Amritsar The MLA has criticized its own government since the HC annulled a SIT investigative report into the incident, which had taken place in Faridkot in Punjab during a protest against the desecration of a religious text.
In response to his relentless attack, the Punjab CM had previously described the congressional leader’s outbursts as “total indiscipline”, suggesting that he might go to the AAP.
Referring to the Badals, who led the previous SAD-BJP coalition government in the state, Amritsar MLA alleged that the state bureaucracy and police were “acting” according to their “wishes.”
“Consensus among the MLA, Badal Sarkar is ruling instead of Congress government … The bureaucracy and the police act according to the wishes of the Badal family, more often than listening to our MLA and the Party workers. The government is not running for the welfare of the people, but for the continued control of the Raj # 75-25 mafia, “Sidhu alleged in a tweet on Sunday.
The constant frontal attacks by the Amritsar MLA come on the heels of reports that some congressional lawmakers, including two ministers and Sidhu, met in recent days.
The group of lawmakers reportedly decided to pressure the Punjab CM to take action against those implicated in the desecration of the religious text.
In the run-up to the 2017 assembly elections, Congress promised to crack down on the culprits.
Last month, in a meeting with the chief minister, Amarinder Singh, at his country home, several members of the party’s MLA had urged him to bring the culprits to justice without delay.
MLA Congress Pargat Singh, who is close to Navjot Sidhu, then said that he had told the CM that there was a public perception that he and the Badals were “hand in hand” with each other.
Sidhu had previously attacked Amarinder Singh, accusing him of evading responsibility in the case and saying it was a “failure of a person who is hand in hand with the culprits.”


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