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Mamata Demands a Universal Covid-19 Vaccine Program, Says Rs 30,000 Cr Nothing for the Center | India News


KOLKATA: Launching a new attack on the BJP-led central government, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee demanded a universal vaccine program for all and claimed that Rs 30 billion per vaccination is nothing to the central government.
“30 billion rupees is nothing for the central government … There should be a universal vaccine program for the whole country,” Banerjee said while addressing the state Assembly on Saturday.
The Chief Minister had previously written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting free Covid vaccination for all citizens. Mamata also asked the Prime Minister about the PM care fund and said, “Why doesn’t (BJP) allocate Rs 30 billion for vaccinations when they are making a new Parliament and statues, spending Rs 20,000? Where is the Rs Fund? PM CARES? ”
She, in today’s Assembly, further criticized the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for spending so much money during the state elections in West Bengal.
“The BJP has reserved so many hotels for its leaders, ministers of the Center and other states. There was a conspiracy, all the ministers landed here. I don’t know how many million rupees they spent on planes and hotels. The money flowed like water here. If they had given the vaccine instead of it would have been better for the state, “the Chief Minister also said.
He also said that he had also written to the Center previously and asked them to allow the state to buy the vaccine, but they did not allow it. Now the state faces an oxygen gas crisis, he added.
Thanking Trinamool Congressional leaders, Banerjee said youth across the state have voted for TMC. “It’s a new morning for a party,” he said.
“Despite the fact that there is no vaccine or oxygen in the state, we received a mandate now we have to work for the people of West Bengal fighting the coronavirus disease,” added the Chief Minister.
West Bengal witnessed fierce competition between the ruling TMC and the BJP in eight phases. TMC won 213 seats in the recently concluded state assembly elections. BJP, on the other hand, won 77 seats in the 294-seat state assembly. Elections for two seats in Murshidabad are postponed due to missing candidates due to COVID-19.

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