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Kerala reports 41,971 cases; most virulent pathogenic strain, says CM Vijayan | India News


Kerala reports 41,971 cases; most virulent pathogenic strain, says CM Vijayan | India News

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: With Kerala’s positive cases reaching nearly 42,000 on Saturday and more than four lakh people undergoing treatment for the virus, the Kerala Government decided to form committees at the neighborhood level in each panchayat to ensure adequate Covid-19 treatment activities.
The state faced more challenges in the current second wave, as the pathogen strain was more virulent and spreading rapidly, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan told reporters here.
He said the role played by local governments in controlling and preventing the first wave of the Covid outbreak was unmatched. “During this second phase as well, they have an important proactive role to play by being at the forefront of Covid prevention,” he said.
The Chief Minister, who held a meeting with representatives of local bodies, also ordered them to mobilize the people and use all their resources to form a strong defense in the fight against Covid by joining the government.
“There is a shortage of medical facilities in some local agencies. There are not enough CFLTCs or CLTCs or centers for those who cannot afford home treatment. These issues need to be addressed urgently. Appropriate places need to be identified and prepared to open treatment centers. Covid Immediately. As part of this, suitable healthcare workers, volunteers and cleaners must be found, “he said.
Committees should be formed at the neighborhood level in all neighborhoods, “he said.
Kerala recorded 41,971 new cases on Saturday, bringing the number of Covid-19 cases to 18,66,827, while the number rose to 5,746 with 64 more deaths.
Active cases stood at 4.17 lakh and at least 27,456 people were cured today, bringing total recoveries to 14,43,633.
In the last 24 hours, 1,48,546 samples were analyzed and the Test positivity rate (TPR) was 28.25%.
So far, 1,69,09,361 samples have been analyzed.
At the panchayat and municipality level, a central team should be formed. “In places where the TPR is higher than 28 percent, more caution should be exercised,” Vijayan said.
Sufficient ambulances must be guaranteed at treatment centers, he said, adding that motorcycles can never replace ambulances, referring to an incident in which a seriously ill patient was transported by bicycle from the Punnapra home center in the district of Alappuzha to save the person’s life while in an ambulance. not available.
“It is also proposed to open a 24-hour control room at the local body levels, which should have details of Covid treatment centers. They should have medical teams. Doctors working in the government and private sector can be included in the local medical team. ”
Committees at the neighborhood level should ensure that no one is left without food or medicine, especially during the shutdown, the prime minister said.
With the possibility of the virus spreading among migrant workers, necessary care must be exercised, he said.
With the entry into force of the blockade in the state as of today, the prime minister said that the response of the people on the first day was satisfactory.
People should not leave their homes unnecessarily. Only in emergency situations will a person be allowed to travel outside of the district.
“They will need to get a pass online to travel. Only those with dire need to travel should apply for the pass online. The pass can be applied for at https://pass.bsafe.kerala.gov.in/.”
“Domestic workers and workers in the essential services category who do not have an identity card can apply online. Their employers can also apply for them. Once the travel permit is obtained, the pass can be downloaded from this website.” , He said.
A self-declaration was sufficient for those who were going to be vaccinated and for those who went to the nearest stores to buy basic necessities. “A sample statement is also available on this website and this can be prepared in a white paper in this format,” added Vijayan.


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