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Awakening from lethargy, mitigating the challenges of Covid: IMA to the Ministry of Health | India News


NEW DELHI: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Saturday criticized the Union Ministry of Health, saying it is “astonished to see the extreme lethargy and inappropriate actions” by the department to combat the agonizing crisis caused by the devastating second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Noting that collective awareness, proactive knowledge and requests made by the IMA and other fellow professional scholars are thrown into the “garbage can,” the association said decisions are made “without realizing fundamental realities.”

Over the past 20 days, according to a statement from the IMA, the association has been insisting on the need for a comprehensive, well-planned and previously announced national shutdown, rather than few states declaring the shutdown for a 10-15 day period. , in order to have time to breathe. for the sanitary infrastructure to recover and replace both material and labor.
“The blockade will break the devastating chain of propagation,” said the IMA, a national voluntary organization of Doctors in India’s Modern Scientific System of Medicine.
However, he said, the central government had refused to implement the lockdown, resulting in an increase in new patients above four thousand rupees a day and the number of moderate to severe cases is increasing to almost 40 percent. .
Noting that “sporadic night curfews have been of no use,” the IMA noted: “Life is more precious than the economy.”
“Wake up from lethargy and respond to mitigate the growing challenges of the covid pandemic,” the IMA said.
Equitable, accessible and affordable vaccination for all those over 18 years of age was demanded by the IMA based on scientific facts as of April 6 and after the persistent call of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his innovative qualities assured the nation , the vaccination campaign began in May. 1, it said.
“It is unfortunate, the ministry has failed to draw up the necessary required roadmap and guarantee the vaccine stock, resulting in most places where vaccination could not be implemented for people over 18 years old,” said the IMA .
“When the prime minister’s notice is not scrupulously enforced, who is to blame?”
Considering the differential price system of the Covid vaccine as “inhumanistic”, the IMA said that people in the age group between 18 and 45 years are prohibited from receiving the free vaccination of the central part of the 50 percent and are at the mercy of the condition. governments.
“The risk of private physicians and states negotiating prices and stocks with manufacturers resulted in skyrocketing prices and a shortage of vaccines.”
Giving an example from the eradication of smallpox and polio in 1997 and 2014, the IMA said that it could only happen by adopting universal free vaccination and not through the tiered pricing system.
When 35 billion rupees were allocated in the budget, the IMA said, the maximum vaccine doses of 200 million rupees can be purchased.
“Why is the central government shed its responsibility?” The IMA asked, adding that “unless the government comes out and implements it with will and firmness for an equitable distribution, we will not be able to achieve the goal.”
Today, for the past seven days, the IMA said, “there is no vaccine available in small and medium-sized private hospitals.”
“The oxygen crisis is deepening every day and dozens of people succumb to a lack of oxygen supply and it is creating panic among both patients and the fraternity. Although there is enough production, it is often the distribution that is not adequate. “said the IMA. .
Even after 15 days of the crisis, the IMA said: “The government does not see itself in the forefront to solve these problems and it results in people knocking on the doors of the courts to obtain justice, which translates into judicial activism “.
“Health professional organizations are not consulted nor did the honorable Minister of Health have time to interact with the professional organizations of modern medicine to solve this problem throughout this pandemic. The imported oxygen concentrators and oxygen plants still they have not reached the beneficiaries. ”
The IMA then appealed saying, “as time is running out with the impending crisis, lest we deepen it, resolve it on the warpath.”
“Although several mutants are identified, the real danger is not explained in real terms. Dedicated experts will be appointed to study this and propose mitigation measures as soon as possible,” suggested the IMA.
The IMA also raised questions about the government hiding the actual deaths from Covid. “Why are we trying to hide the real deaths? If the public finds out about the real deaths, they will increase their seriousness to adopt behaviors appropriate for Covid.”
The IMA demanded to renew the entire administration of medical care with cadets from the Indian Medical Service (MS) who are “well versed in the technical and administrative skill for the effective execution of medical care.”
“We also demand to establish a new integrated Ministry to serve in this pandemic with a dedicated, proactive, vibrant, innovative and altruistic Minister and to alleviate the fear of the people leading from the front.
“We propose to increase infrastructure, materials and manpower by improving the health care budget so that it rises from 1% of GDP to a minimum of 8-10% of GDP, and to use the budget amount wisely allocated to ensure equitable and affordable universal vaccination. ”

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