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Avoid overdependence on foreign drugs in the treatment of Covid-19: HC | India News


MUMBAI: By stating that over-reliance on imported drugs should be avoided, the Mumbai High Court has asked the Center and the Maharashtra government to raise awareness of suitable alternatives to drugs manufactured abroad.
medicines, such as tocilizumab, that can be used to treat patients with Covid-19.
A bench of Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice GS Kulkarni said that, in light of the shortage of tocilizumab,
the government should inform citizens about other locally manufactured, cheaper and widely available drugs that can be used instead.
“The Government of India, having placed on record its position that itolizumab, dexamethasone and methylprednisolone are equivalent to and / or better than tocilizumab, it is high time that it did everything possible for it, as well as the state, to remove to the wrong public the perception that has been created since then that only Tocilizumab can treat inflammatory flare conditions in Covid-19 patients, “the high court said.
“Over-reliance on imported drugs should be avoided and all stakeholders should be aware that the time has come to
to treat and cure, and not make a profit from the sale of essential life-saving drugs, “he said.
The superior court approved the order on May 6, but it was made public on its website late Friday. I was hearing a ton of public interest litigation (PIL) on various topics related to the Covid-19 pandemic. The PILs cover issues such as oxygen supply, medications, availability of hospital beds, etc. across the state.
During the May 6 hearing, General Counsel Ashutosh Kumbhakoni, who appeared for the state government, had told the court that Maharashtra was not obtaining an adequate stock of Remdesivir from the Union government.
He said that based on state data available on May 1, a total of 51,000 vials were needed in the state every day,
but it received only 35,000 vials a day.
In its order, the higher court said that it expected the Union Department of Pharmaceutical Products and the Union Director
The Ministry of Health and Welfare would intervene in the matter of the inadequate supply of Remdesivir to Maharashtra.
The HC also directed the Maharashtra government to widely publicize the May 4 notice issued by the ICMR.
about testing for Covid-19.
The advisory, intended to streamline testing and reduce the burden on existing route labs, deters one from testing.
Individuals recovered by Covid at the time of hospital discharge.
Suggests that an individual once tested positive by RT-PCR or rapid antigen method need not be
tested again, and includes several other guidelines.
He also said that the state government should not delay granting approvals to the proposals it receives at the time of constitution.
new pathway labs for Covid-19 testing as well as other pathology tests.
The higher court will continue to hear the PILs on May 12.

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