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All green signs for Oxygen Expresses | India News


NEW DELHI: For locomotive pilots Debjit Banik and Arun Pandey, it was a ‘unique’ experience operating Oxygen Express trains carrying cryogenic tanks loaded with liquid medical oxygen. They found all the signs in green towards their destination for the provision of crucial medical aid, dubbed “sanjeevani,” for Covid-19 patients who were out of breath.
As of Saturday night, the Indian Railways had delivered 3,400 tons of liquid medical oxygen in 220 tanker trucks to various states in the country. So far, 54 Oxygen Express trains have delivered the supplies and more such trains with 26 fully loaded tankers, carrying around 470 tonnes, are on the way. Indian Railways is scheduling more such trains to meet the growing demand for medical oxygen.
Speaking to TOI, Banik, who is deployed to Angul in Odisha, said: “I drove a train carrying oxygen tankers from Tata to Angul.”
Everyone on the railroads understands the urgency and how it is time to work together in full coordination. It was a proud moment for me to drive the train, which was carrying oxygen that could save lives. “He said the train heading to Faridabad did not stop as all signals were found to be in” continue “mode.
Arun Pandey, who is stationed in Rajkot, said he was driving an Oxygen Express loaded with tanker trucks from Hapa. “There was not a second of delay on the route. There was unprecedented urgency and coordination at the loading and unloading sites. They were all quick and showed dedication. I am proud that when the whole country is eager for oxygen, I became part of the effort for faster transportation of medical oxygen, “he said.
Both locomotive pilots said they could run the trains at the maximum allowed speed simply because the signals were green along the route during the trip. Indian Railways has created “green corridors” in most cases for Oxygen Express trains so that they can reach their destination as soon as possible.

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