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Sonia and Rahul criticize the government for the Covid crisis | India News


Sonia and Rahul criticize the government for the Covid crisis | India News

Sonia and Rahul Gandhi (File photo)

NEW DELHI: Saying it was the government that had failed, not the system, Congress President Sonia Gandhi said on Friday that the chaos reflected that the country was “paralyzed by a political leadership that has no empathy for the people. “. He also ridiculed BJP for obsequiously and prematurely praising the prime minister for beating Covid.
In another letter to the prime minister, Rahul Gandhi said that “arrogance” on his part (Modi) had “placed India in a very dangerous position” and had made another national blockade “inevitable”. Sonia demanded that the prime minister convene an all-party meeting on Covid.
The head of Congress demanded that permanent parliamentary commissions be convened to “guarantee collective action and accountability.”
Addressing the Congressional Parliamentary Party meeting, Sonia said: “The Modi government has failed the people of our country … Addressing this crisis requires capable, calm and visionary leadership. The nation is sinking under the weight of the indifference and incompetence of the Modi government. ” .. It is absolutely shocking to see the Modi government abdicate its moral obligation and its sworn duty towards the people. ”
The strong words, with members of Congress from the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha listening, were in line with the recent Congressional crackdown on the government in which leaders from Sonia to Rahul Gandhi and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have blamed Modi’s lack of care and planning. and triumphalism over the maddened virus.
Sonia said that empowered groups from the BJP government and the national task force had warned of a second wave of the pandemic, while the parliamentary permanent health committee had raised the alarm over a lack of preparedness. “But the prime minister arrogantly boasted of having defeated the pandemic and his party dutifully congratulated him on his supposed success,” he lamented.
In his letter to Modi, Rahul said that “the uncontrollable spread of the virus” would be devastating not only for India but for the whole world and urged the government to use “genome sequencing” to track the virus, evaluate the efficacy of vaccines. against mutations and “keep the rest of the world informed”.
Senior Congressmen Mallikarjun Kharge and Abhishek Singhvi were suspicious of Rahul’s reference to “national shutdown” and favored local and regional shutdowns. Rahul wrote that India’s size and genetic diversity made it fertile ground for virus mutation and that mutant strains were “just the beginning, I’m afraid.”
Sonia told MPs that the government failed to strengthen health infrastructure in the past year, while allocating millions of rupees for non-essential projects (an apparent reference to Central Vista).


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