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Regulate the attendance of all employees considering the situation of Covid-19: Center for all secretaries | India News


NEW DELHI: All the secretaries of the central government departments have the mandate to regulate the attendance of the employees who work under them, considering the cases of Covid-19 in the office and their functional requirement, according to an order of the Ministry of Personnel .
“People with disabilities and pregnant employees may be exempt from attending the office, but they must continue to work from home,” he said.
The Ministry of Personnel said that the secretaries of the ministries / departments and the heads of departments of the deputy and subordinate offices have the mandate to regulate the attendance of their employees at all levels.
“Officers / staff shall follow staggered schedules to avoid overcrowding in offices / workplaces as decided by department heads,” he said in the order issued Thursday.
All officers and staff residing in the containment zones will be exempt from coming to the offices until the containment zone is denoted, he said.
Officers and staff residing in the containment zones will work from home and will be available by telephone and electronic means of communication at all times, the ministry said.
All officials attending the office will be required to strictly follow appropriate Covid behavior, including wearing masks, physical distancing, use of disinfectants and frequent hand washing with soap and water, he said.
Overcrowding in elevators, stairways, hallways, and common areas, including refreshment kiosks and parking areas, must be strictly bypassed, per the order.
Meetings should, to the extent possible, be conducted via video conferencing, and face-to-face meetings with visitors should be avoided unless absolutely necessary for reasons of public interest, he said.
Referring to another order issued last month, the Personnel Ministry said: “All employees 18 years and older are advised to get vaccinated.”
Proper cleaning and frequent disinfection of the workplace, particularly of frequently touched surfaces, can be ensured according to the last command.
Biometric assistance will continue to be suspended until further orders, he said, adding that these instructions “will be in effect with immediate effect until May 31, 2021.”

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