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Covid-19: Government failures have made another devastating lockdown inevitable, says Rahul Gandhi in a letter to Prime Minister Modi | India News


NEW DELHI: Lack of a clear vaccination strategy and Covid-19 as a premature victory against the virus is declared. government failures that have made another “devastating blockade” inevitable, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said in a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday.
Rahul urged the Prime Minister “to do everything in his power to stop the unnecessary suffering” as the Covid tsunami continues to devastate the country.
The congressional leader said that while a blockade will have a huge economic cost, but due to the mismanagement of the pandemic by the Center, Covid-19 is growing “explosively”, making another blockade inevitable.

“I am aware that you are concerned about the economic impact of a shutdown. Within and outside of India, the human cost of allowing this virus to continue its march unhindered will have far more tragic consequences for our people than any purely economic calculation. advisers are suggesting, “Rahul said.
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To avoid a repeat of the multiple sufferings caused by last year’s closure, Rahul said the government must provide critical food and financial support for the most vulnerable and also prepare a transportation strategy.
Rahul listed four “pressing issues” that the government should address as soon as possible. He said that the virus and its mutations need to be scientifically monitored by genome sequencing and that the efficacy of all vaccines against all new mutations must be dynamically evaluated.
The leader of the Congress party added that the government must quickly vaccinate the entire population and there must be transparency in the exchange of information.

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