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N Rangasamy to be sworn in as Puducherry CM on May 7 | India News

N Rangasamy to be sworn in as Puducherry CM on May 7 | India News

Head of AINRC, N Rangasamy (File photo)

PUDUCHERRY: head of AINRC N Rangasamy be sworn in as Prime Minister of the territory of the Union of Puducherry in a short ceremony on Friday.
Lieutenant governor Tamilisai Soundararajan it would admit to Rangasamy like prime minister in a brief session in the precincts of Rajnivas.
Official sources said Rangasamy would only be installed as prime minister on Friday, though he would head a NDA dispensation that has the BJP as the other constituent. According to party sources, the swearing in of other ministers, including those of the BJP, will take place in the coming days.
Typically, the strength of a ministry in Puducherry would be six, including the prime minister.
However, it was reported that there is now a movement to have a senior deputy minister, although there is no precedent in this regard.
To Namassivayam, who joined the BJP in January after leaving the Congress He has tips for the position of chief deputy minister.
The Center is expected to be present for the appointment of the chief deputy minister, BJP sources said.
The AINRC won 10 seats out of the 16 it contested in the April 6 elections, while the BJP won six of the nine seats it contested.
The total strength of the assembly is 30 and sixteen is the magic number for the formation of a ministry.
The AINRC and BJP have a combined strength of 16.
There are six independents chosen for the home and they are, in general, supporters of Rangasamy.
The DMK has emerged victorious from six segments of the 13 seats it contested.
Congress fared badly by annexing just two of the 14 seats it challenged.


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