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Covid-19: Delhi Gets High Per Capita Oxygen Allocation | India News


NEW DELHI: The Union government informed the Supreme Court on Wednesday that Delhi has a higher per capita oxygen allocation compared to other similarly located states and stated that a uniform approach should be taken across India in the oxygen disbursement according to the number of cases.
Attorney General Tushar Mehta informed a court of judges DY Chandrachud and MR Shah that the per capita allocation of liquid medical oxygen (LMO) to Delhi, i.e. the allocation based on the number of active cases, is higher compared to any other similarly located State.
“Compared to the active cases of 96,747 as of May 1, the allocation to GNCT is 590 MT of LMOs, which translates into 60.98 liters per patient. The per capita allocation of States that have a high number of active cases: Kerala (6.42), Tamil Nadu (18.74), Chhattisgarh (18.74), Haryana (25.07), Maharashtra (27.09), Andhra Pradesh (36.71), Telangana (53.29), is therefore much lower “.
The Center in its affidavit before the SC on Wednesday said that active cases in Delhi have started to show a downward trend from 1.03.424 on April 28 to 92.290 on May 3. Government.
The Center presented the forecast for the LMO requirement for several states, most of which showed a higher trend. Maharashtra’s requirement on May 5 was 1,804 MT against 2,000 MT on April 30; UP 894 (800); Karnataka 865 (111); Gujarat 975 (1200); Delhi 590 (490); Punjab 257 (82); Kerala 208 (104); Tamil Nadu 404 (465); Madhya Pradesh 649 (700); Rajasthan 380 (124); Chhattisgarh 227 (382); Haryana 257 (180). It also projected lawsuits for other states such as May 5 – Telangana 480 TM; West Bengal 308; Bihar 214 and Uttarakhand 123.
The Center said that “allocation is a zero-sum game: any change in increasing supply from one state would have a cascading impact on others where, like Delhi, the need for oxygen is increasing dramatically. Therefore , the need for oxygen is to be balanced, optimized and distributed judiciously at the national level, with a national perspective. ”
He said that no other state has complained that the allocated amount does not meet the requirement, except Delhi, where the problem appears to be a systemic problem in the last mile delivery. The Center said: “It is critical to note that 17 additional ISO tankers / containers have also been allocated for use in Delhi with a total capacity of 331 MT of LMOs. In addition to the same, the Air Force also conducted 31 sorties between the April 26 to May 4 for Delhi, where 20 oxygen tanks were erected with a total capacity of 457 MT of LMOs “.

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