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Center has been sharing best O2 | India News


Center has been sharing best O2 | India News

NEW DELHI: Even before the Supreme Court’s suggestion to Delhi to learn from Mumbai experience in oxygen supply management, the Center has been sharing the experience of the states, as well as financial capital, with others while seeking the rationalization of the use of oxygen.
In its correspondence with the Center, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) said it opted for a number of steps, including the restricted use of a high-flow nasal cannula to deliver oxygen and measures to reduce oxygen consumption by at least 10 % in each installation. Additionally, recharging facilities were established within municipal boundaries to facilitate the flow of oxygen to assist Covid-19 patients.
But Mumbai is not alone. The Center has also shared other suggestions with states, including Delhi, in recent weeks.
For example, he had pointed to the use of a classification system in Kerala and Maharashtra to classify patients according to the severity of their condition and also the need for medical oxygen as a step to rationalize its use.
He has also been advocating for the creation of an online portal by states to disseminate real-time information on the availability of hospital beds, including those with medical oxygen and critical medications, to build trust among citizens and dissipate rumors.
Continuous monitoring through a war room would also allow for the timely dissemination of information to all interested parties and aid in planning, the sources said. “This will allow hospitals to have a clear indication of current supply levels, as well as the next supply cycle, and for suppliers to have a clear roadmap for sequencing their supplies to various customers,” said a source familiar with the deliberations.
In Delhi, a key challenge is coordinating supplies, as medical oxygen now comes from various parts of the country, from Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Himachal, UP, Haryana and Odisha, and uses multiple modes such as road, rail and air.


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