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Bangalore positivity rate reaches 55%, active cases exceed 3L mark | India News


Bangalore positivity rate reaches 55%, active cases exceed 3L mark | India News

Family members of Covid patients and doctors make frantic calls after a hospital in Bangalore ran out of oxygen

BENGALURU: The Covid-19 situation in the city is getting bleaker by the day. All other Bengalis taking the Covid-19 test are turning positive – the city’s positivity rate hit an all-time high of 55% on Monday. The rate improved to 33% a day later. Active cases passed the three lakh mark.
On Tuesday, the city reported 20,870 positive Covid cases and 132 deaths out of Karnataka’s total count of 44,632 new infections and an all-time high of 292 deaths.
Small hospitals reported two deaths Tuesday after oxygen shortages. Major hospitals continued to turn away critically ill patients for lack of beds. Covid-19 vaccination plummeted to less than 10k per day.
Bengaluru’s average of 20,000 positive cases per day comes at a time when authorities have consciously decided to reduce testing from 1 lakh of tests per day to around 40,000 / 60,000 per day.
Although political and bureaucratic circles have been trying to build a narrative about the double mutant virus and how aggressive it has become in recent weeks, the reality is that the search for ICU beds and oxygen is taking its toll on Covid-positive people. and their families.
“This is definitely not the time for anyone to get Covid in Bengaluru,” said the brother of a 44-year-old man, who died at his residence three days ago after failing to get a bed in the ICU.
Health department sources said the helplines receive around 4,500 calls per day and of these between 1,500 and 1,700 inquiries related to hospitalization. Around 500-550 calls pertain to ICU beds and ICU ventilators.
Indeed, the unavailability of hospital beds for the common man took a political turn on Tuesday when Bengaluru South BJP MP Tejasvi Surya and three BJP MLAs alleged there was a bed lock scam and that they could More patients from Covid-19 may have been saved if the BBMP has been more efficient and competent.


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