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Amid Rise of Covid, Farm Groups Say Defying Shutdown | India News


BATHINDA / AMRITSAR: Agricultural organizations mobilizing against the Center’s agricultural marketing laws have urged Punjab residents to oppose the Covid-induced closure by converging on roads on May 8.
Calling the lockdown a means of concealing governments’ failure to improve essential medical facilities and formulate scientific policy to deal with the pandemic, Punjab farmer groups on Wednesday called on all families to send to the least one member to protest sites along Delhi Borders.
The call to violate the closure (shops have also been asked to stay open) came after a meeting at the Singhu border in Delhi. Punjab farmer representatives will suggest opposing the nationwide lockdowns at a meeting of the Sanyukta Kisan Morcha scheduled for Friday.
There are plans to move larger jathas to the protest sites on May 10 and 12. Arrangements for Covid vaccination will be made regardless of the challenge of the lockdown, the sources said.
According to agricultural leaders Baldev Singh Nihalgarh and Balbir Singh Rajewal, the “1.4% death rate from coronavirus is like any other ailment.”

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At a time when the number of Covid-19 cases has reached record levels in India, such a decision is extremely irresponsible. Punjab farmers’ organizations must reverse their decision. If they don’t, the government must act to avoid large gatherings.

“Governments are acting under the guise of Covid to take away people’s rights and worsen their economic situation. The lockdown is proving disastrous for migrant workers and all of this will eventually work against farmers.” Buta Singh Burjgill, another agricultural leader, said: “We have witnessed the coronavirus for 13 months. This lockdown has proven insufficient to cope with the situation … It appears that the lockdown has been imposed on the dictates of BJP and PM Narendra. “. Modi “.
A jatha left for Delhi from Amritsar on Wednesday to join the restless farmers. “There is no Covid-19 issue with farmers; they are in Chardi Kalan. We are using NH and if we stand somewhere we will sit there in Dharna,” said Sarwan Singh, Secretary General of the Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee. Pandher. , when asked if jatha members had been tested for Covid. He said that nearly 8,000 people were going to Delhi in truck trailers. “The presence of so many women in our jatha vindicates our position that all farm households fear the consequences of enforcing the three new agricultural laws.”

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