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“You can stick your head in the sand like an ostrich, we won’t”: HC criticizes the Center for oxygen shortage | India News


"You can stick your head in the sand like an ostrich, we won't": HC criticizes the Center for oxygen shortage | India News

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NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court ruled on Tuesday Center to show cause why contempt was not brought against him for “not complying with the order on the supply of oxygen to Delhi “.
The higher court asked the Center to comply with Supreme Courtand ensuring that the oxygen supply deficit to Delhi is covered.
“Contempt may be the last thing, but it is there. Enough is enough. There is no way they will not supply 700 MT right away. We will not hear anything except compliance,” the superior court said.
The court also rejected the Center’s submission stating that Delhi was not entitled to 700 MT of medical oxygen in light of the existing medical infrastructure.
“The April 30 order of the Supreme Court shows that it ordered the Center to provide 700 MT of oxygen and not just 490 MT. You can put your head in the sand like an ostrich, we will not,” he said.
“We see a grim reality every day of people who cannot secure oxygen or ICU beds in hospitals that have reduced beds due to gas shortage. There is an SC order, now we also say that the Center will have to supply 700 MT of oxygen a day to Delhi immediately by whatever means, “said the higher court in its order.
The high court further noted that not for a single day has Delhi received its allocated 490 MT oxygen supply.
On May 3, the Supreme Court had asked the Center to rectify the oxygen problem in Delhi hospitals within two days.
In one order, the Apex cut ordered the Center, in collaboration with other states, to prepare an oxygen reserve for emergencies and to decentralize the location of emergency reserves.
“The emergency stocks will be created within the next four days and will be replenished day by day, in addition to the existing allocation of oxygen supply to the States,” said the SC in its order approved in the case of suo motu initiated by him. on matters related to oxygen supply etc. in relation to Covid.
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