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Nandigram counting officer provided security | India News


Nandigram counting officer provided security | India News

The Election Commission had ordered that security be provided to the Nandigram scrutineer.

NEW DELHI: The Election Commission said Tuesday that all available inputs and reports regarding the count in the Nandigram assembly constituency confirmed that the teller had followed all count protocols and that their rejection of the Trinamool agent’s demand of a recount was in line with the Conduct of Electoral Rules, 1961.
Noting that election officials on the ground performed in a highly competitive political environment with diligence, full transparency and fairness, the EC said that “it is not desirable to attribute any motive in such cases.” The commission’s reaction came as TMC questioned the counting process at Nandigram and Mamata Banerjee, who lost to BJP’s Suvendu Adhikari, claiming that the counting officer had not ordered a recount because he “feared for his life.”
The West Bengal government informed the EC on Monday that, following the latter’s instructions, it has provided security to the Nandigram Counting Officer both in person, with two personal security agents assigned for work, and at home. On Tuesday, the EC also ordered that he be provided with medical support and advice.
The EC wrote to the West Bengal chief secretary to advise that officials performing electoral functions receive due protection, as “any pressure or harm or even perception or promotion of such a narrative will have serious implications on all machinery deployed during the elections. “.
According to Rule 63 of the Election Rules of Conduct, 1961, a teller upon receiving a recount request may allow it in whole or in part or may reject it if it seems frivolous or unreasonable.


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