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Let’s pick up the pieces and start over | India News


Let's pick up the pieces and start over | India News

We are in a national crisis. Covid has cast its gray shadow across the country: from inland towns to luxurious penthouses, from old and infirm to robust and young, this mutant has spared no one.
At such times, there is no use crying over spilled milk and starting a blame game. It is what it is and we have to come together, pick up the pieces and start over.
If the ‘caged’ virus mutates and attacks with a deadly poison, remember, we are the chosen ones. We fight the first wave with courage, science, innovation and discipline and we use all available remedies (indigenous, official and homemade) with good results. We have to quickly return to the Drawing board and rejuvenate, strategize, and develop a plan from the lessons of the past.
No country can have readymade hospitals and medicines for more than a small percentage of the population, what would these hospitals and ICUs do in peacetime? For more than a century, no country has had to put together beds, equipment, medicines and allied sanitary facilities for so many people in such a short time. Let’s look at the corrective measures.
Just as schools are used as polling stations, the government is already making makeshift hospitals in universities, exhibition centers, etc. The manufacturing of medical and paramedical supplies is on the warpath and pharmaceuticals are working overtime to meet the enormous demands. But just like a race home You can feed some unexpected guests but not a crowd, the medical supplies are obviously out of stock. Even fatigued doctors and fatigued nurses who haven’t had time to rest between PPE and tasks are feeling the burden. Medical examinations, admission rules, and subsequent ties have become so strict and entangled by endless entrance examinations that the number of children who opt for medical examinations colleges it is decreasing.
First, restrict the use of Remdesivir which is the reference medicine for all patients. Let us outlaw the illicit purchase, the off-label use and the hoarding of this drug.
As the world sends us oxygen and generators, our industries have diverted oxygen for medical use. The authorities have encouraged all strata of society to bury their differences and rise to the occasion. We do not indiscriminately store cylinders and concentrators, but pass them all to those who deserve.
Look at the great social indiscipline. In the new year, citizens were on vacation, partying in droves and attending functions. Masks and estrangement had faded into the background. Even now, the conglomeration of people in vaccination centers with masks hanging from their sides, jowls cheeks, celebrating after the injection of hope, is a common sight. It is these same people who later test positive and blame the vaccine. First there was a clamor for vaccines, then a dither to take or not and now a race on them. Unfortunately, they have been misled by Dr. WhatsApp and social media. We would have had more shots, if everyone eligible had taken it. There is a method in madness. We have received quite a few vaccinations with positive symptoms and reports. None had a serious infection and no one succumbed. The pendulum that favors one vaccine over the other swings each week from favorite to avoided, but the fact is that each and every vaccine provides the desired protection listed above. Don’t wait, take your chance when your turn comes.
History has taught us that the second wave is always more devastating than the first. Let’s rescue our resources, join forces, follow the rules, and win the game like we did last time. From quarantine to treatment rules, from essential supplies to optional supplies, and haves to have-nots, one size should fit all, no exceptions.
In the words of Kennedy, “Do not ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” A mass of 1.3 billion is no joke and calamity cannot simply be wished for or eliminated. Only patient and unquestioning cooperation and a positive attitude can unite the entire country against this common enemy of humanity.
I Hind.


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