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Deadline Dec 22: CPWD Receives Green Approval for Prime Minister’s House | India News


NEW DELHI: The Central Department of Public Works (CPWD) has the go-ahead for the construction of the proposed new Prime Minister’s House, alongside an executive enclave and a SPG building on the South Block side in the Central Vista area by December 2022.
CPWD has proposed to complete the Vice President’s enclave near North Block by May 2022. Although the Environment Ministry’s Expert Assessment Committee (EAC) gave the go-ahead for the entire Central Vista redevelopment project, which includes the new Parliament Building, 10 buildings As part of a Common Central Secretariat (CCS) and a huge conference center, costing Rs 13,450 crore arrived at the end of last month, the minutes of the meeting were made public on Monday. After receiving approval, CPWD launched the tender for the first three CCS buildings.
The revised schedule has been questioned by an opinion section that wants the project to be postponed as the country is battling the corona pandemic. “This is grotesque. There is no money for oxygen and vaccines as our brothers and sisters die waiting for a hospital bed to be cremated in parking lots. But Modi He will squander public money to feed his megalomaniac vanity. Stop this crime, ”he tweeted. CPM Leader Sitaram Yechury.

Deadline Dec 22: CPWD Receives Green Approval for Prime Minister's House | India News

Officials, however, noted that there is no connection between the project and the nation’s battle against the pandemic. The Prime Minister has participated in consultations every day and dozens of decisions have been made to increase medical facilities. In addition to a time of economic stress, which was causing contractors unease, hundreds of professionals and workforce involved in the project by leaving it on the shelves did not seem a useful suggestion.
One official said CPWD has proposed deadlines when the application for a green authorization was delayed three or four months. While the 2022 timelines have been set to PM House and VP House, projects could take longer to complete.
Sources said work for the PM House, SPG building can only begin when the cottages on Dalhousie Road are moved to new buildings on Africa Avenue and KG Marg. These two buildings are not ready yet.
Second, the PM House and SPG buildings will have to be completely high-tech considering the strategic and security reasons.
Although the Center is likely to present a “confidential tender” for PM House and assign the task to the nomination rather than inviting an open tender considering strategic reasons, the sources said that the completion of these projects will take longer.
PM House and VP House will also have dedicated single-lane tunnels connecting Parliament, which TOI had reported on March 4, and this will take time too.
The last component of this project would be the operation of an underground automated people transporter, which will connect all the buildings of the Combined Central Secretariat.
The government had originally set a 2024 deadline to complete the redevelopment of the Central Vista project. But now the deadline has been revised to December 2026.

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