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Covid-19: The government allocates the supplies received from the global community to the states, UT | India News


NEW DELHI: The Union government has allocated Covid-19 medical supplies received from the global community to various states and UT.
The government said it is taking steps for the expeditious dispatch and distribution of medical supplies and other aid and support.
He created a cell in Addl. Secretary [Health], MoHFW to coordinate the receipt and allocation of foreign Covid relief material such as grants, aid, and donations.
In operation as of April 26, it is made up of a Co-Secretary in delegation from the Ministry of Education, two Addl. MEA security level officers, Chief Customs Commissioner, Economic Advisor to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Technical Advisor Dte. GHS, HLL representatives, two MoHFW deputy secretaries, and the secretary general along with other IRCS representatives.
In addition, a high-level committee led by the CEO, NITI Aayog, comprised of Secretary Expenses, MEA and officials from Niti Aayog and MoHFW, has also been formed to oversee the entire operation.
So far, 38 medical institutions (8 in Delhi-NCR, 2 in Northeast, 4 in North India, 11 in East India, 4 in West and 3 in South) from 31 states and territories of the Union.

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