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MHA Denies Information on Mandatory Retirement of Amitabh Thakur | India News

MHA Denies Information on Mandatory Retirement of Amitabh Thakur | India News

The Interior Ministry (MHA) denied sharing information with controversial IPS official Amitabh Thakur regarding his mandatory retirement, saying “it cannot be provided.”

NEW DELHI: Ministry of Interior (MHA) has denied sharing information with controversial IPS Official Amitabh thakur about his mandatory retirement, saying “cannot be provided”.
The MHA has denied the information under section 8 (1) (i) of the RTI Act of 2005.
Disagreeing with the decision, Amitabh Thakur has preferred the first appeal saying that the decision has already been made in this case and therefore the denial under section 8 (1) (i) is not correct, Nutan Thakur said, wife of the former IPS officer.
“Amitabh also qualified the denial of information related to his livelihood as contrary to the basic spirit of the RTI Act,” Nutan said. IANS on the phone.
Thakur received the response in Hindi from the MHA on April 26 against his three questions requested of the Ministry through RTI. The former IPS had also submitted the RTI query in Hindi.
The Officials of the Ministry of the Interior declined to comment on the issue when asked and said they were not aware of any response from RTI to Amitabh Thakur.
Following the decision made by the MHA, Amitabh Thakur, an IPS officer from the 1992 group from Uttar Pradesh, received mandatory retirement on March 23 this year along with two others.
Thakur was prematurely retired from his service after rating him “unfit”.
Once suspended by the Uttar Pradesh government in 2015 after indicting him Samajwadi Party Chief Mulayam Singh Yadav to “threaten” him, on March 17 the MHA ordered him to withdraw.
The copy of the order was sent to the government of Uttar Pradesh, where Thakur was appointed as Inspector General of Police.
Thakur received retirement orders even before the end of his service with immediate effect in the public interest.
“In the public interest, Amitabh Thakur will receive an early retirement before completing his service with immediate effect,” the Interior Ministry order said.
According to the order, Thakur “was not deemed fit to be held for the remainder of his term of service.”
Thakur then took to Twitter to report that the Interior Ministry had given him a mandatory retirement. In addition, he shared that he had just received the VRS order, stating that the government no longer needs his services and therefore he was given an early retirement.
In 2017, Thakur had urged the Center to ditch his request for a cadre change, saying that the “bias” against him no longer exists after the defeat of the Samajwadi Party at the polls.
He had previously submitted a request to the Home Office for a cadre change from Uttar Pradesh to any other state, citing a threat to his life.
In a letter to the Secretary of the Home Office, Thakur said: “I had sought a cadre change in view of a serious threat to my life and my family after the phone call from Mulayam Singh.”
He was suspended on July 13, 2015, days after he accused Mulayam Singh of threatening him. The state government had then launched a surveillance investigation against him. However, the Lucknow Chamber of the Central Administrative Court had suspended Thakur’s suspension in April and ordered his reinstatement with full salary as of October 11, 2015.
Thakur had urged the Center to transfer him to another state until departmental investigations against him were completed, accusing some senior state government officials.


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