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Impossible to increase vaccine production overnight: Adar Poonawala, CEO of SII | India News


NEW DELHI: Serum Adar, Executive Director of the Institute of India (SII) Poonawala Monday said that it is not possible to accelerate vaccine production overnight.
Amid the fierce second wave sweeping through India, Poonawala said that “vaccine manufacturing is a specialized process. Therefore, it is not possible to increase production overnight.”
Poonawala further said that producing enough doses for all adults in India is not an easy task.
He also said that Serum has received “all kinds of support, scientific, regulatory and financial” from the government.

Later Center issued a clarification on media reports saying that it has not placed any vaccine orders, Poonawala said that Serum “got a 100% advance of Rs. 1732 50 crore per Gol for the next tranche of 11 crore doses in the coming months. “.
“As of today, we receive total orders for more than 26 crore doses, of which we supply more than 15 crore doses,” he said.
“Another 11 crore doses will be delivered on the second channel for state and private hospitals in the coming months,” he said.
He said Serum’s effort is to make the vaccine available in “the fastest possible time” and is doing everything possible to achieve that.

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