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Government, the main body for children’s rights, asks states to guarantee the rehabilitation of orphaned children in a pandemic | India News


NEW DELHI: After the trade union ministry for women and child development, the National Commission for the Protection of Children’s Rights has written to the chief secretaries of all states and territories in the union to draw attention to the need to rehabilitate and protect children who have lost their parents in the Covid -19 pandemic.
The WCD ministry, in a letter to the states dated April 30, asked the chief secretaries to order district magistrates to take immediate action to rehabilitate orphaned children in the pandemic and ensure that they come forward. before the Child Welfare Committees within 24 hours.
The ministry also wants the chief clerks to ask the district magistrate to review the actions taken regarding these children on a daily basis and submit a report to the state government. The state commission for the protection of children’s rights can also participate in monitoring the situation of these children. The senior secretaries have been asked to conduct periodic reviews to allow for proper rehabilitation and a report can be made to the ministry on a weekly basis.
The NCPCR in a May 2 letter reiterates that it must be ensured that children who may have been orphaned due to the death of both parents by Covid-19 must report to the district’s child protection authorities and information about these children. with the authorities.
In the letter, the head of the NCPCR, Priyank Kanoongo, affirms that the Commission has learned of cases “in which it has been seen that many NGOs advertise about children who have been orphaned after losing their parents to COVID19” . Citing provisions of the Juvenile Justice (Child Care and Protection) Act of 2015, the Commission has asked states that “these children must be brought before the Child Welfare Committees so that the necessary orders for the care of the child can be approved.” .
“It is necessary for each individual, entity, organization, NGO to ensure that if they receive such information about orphaned and abandoned children during these times of COVID, it must be reported to Childline – 1098 and the child must be informed. produced before the district CWC ”, it is said. Information about abandoned or orphaned children can also be shared with the National Commission for the Protection of Children’s Rights, either through email ([email protected]) or by phone (011-23478250) and with the respective state commissions ”. set.

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