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Congress re-emerges as a country that also ran, but continues to assert that it can only unite the country India News


Congress re-emerges as a country that also ran, but continues to assert that it can only unite the country India News

Along with the failure in Assam, the Kerala debacle severely affects Congress’s position as the main player against the Modi-led BJP.

NEW DELHI: The Impact of Congressthe failure to win in Kerala, allowing the Front left opposing the “pendulum policy” of the state threatens to be grossly disproportionate to the size of the state and the marginal space it occupies in the national political firmament.
The defeat magnifies the now ingrained impression on the decline of Congress after 2019. That the party failed to win a state where not only history backed it to prevail, but where its archenemy BJP not a factor, his fading echoes. Assam, on the other hand, was a difficult question for the post-Tarun Gogoi Congress, as it was the opposite of Kerala.
Along with the failure in Assam, the debacle in Kerala severely damages the position of Congress as the main player against Modiled BJP. When asked, party spokesman Randeep Surjewala he tried to put up a courageous front by saying, “India can only be ably administered by a national party like Congress. Our regional leaders are good, but a one-size-fits-all plan does not work in India, and only Congress has the experience and national vision to unite the country. ”
Former Union Minister Ashwani kumar He said: “The punishing election results are an SOS for Congress ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The need for demonstrable and purposeful action to address communication and organizational gaps has never been more apparent.”
Inside the Congress, the atmosphere was bleak. “The results are very bad for Congress and good for the opposition of which we are part,” summed up a veteran of the party the irony of the result.
The leaders said the results from the four states and one from the UT had only underscored the organizational paralysis they have been highlighting, pointing to the leadership vacuum and groupism. Meanwhile, Surjewala said there were no changes to the plan to hold internal elections for the party’s presidency in June.


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