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BJP MP Vikhe Patil files a petition for intervention, says he brought only 1200 vials by air, not 10,000 | India News


BJP MP Vikhe Patil files a petition for intervention, says he brought only 1200 vials by air, not 10,000 | India News

MUMBAI: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Member of Parliament (MP) Dr. Sujay Vikhe Patil submitted a request for intervention to the Aurangabad Bench High Court in Bombay on Monday. Through his lawyer Shirish Gupte, he stated that he had bought only 1200 Remdesivir vials, not 10,000.
He said these 1200 brought in on a chartered flight in 15 boxes, from Chandigarh to Shirdi and 500 were shipped from Pharma Deal, Sadashiv Peth Pune directly to the Civil surgeon.
The HC was listening to a petition filed by a farmer Arun Kadu, 70, and others alleging the “illegal” acquisition and distribution of 10,000 vials of Remdesivir from pharmaceutical companies of Vikhe Patil, MP of Ahmednagar.
The 40-year-old deputy, who is the executive director of Dr. Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation’s Dr. VVP medical school, Ahmednagar, said on April 15 that the hospital wrote to the collector to immediately provide Remdesivir injections. for the treatment of patients with Covid-19 and reported that it was willing to pay the required fees in the government bank account.
Last week, the HC had requested a report to trace the boxes that the MP claimed to have been unloaded at Shirdi airport and distributed in his constituency and also a response from the district collector for holding a ‘press conference’ at the premises. from his office to say the vials came from Pune.
The Ahmednagar Rajendra Collector Bhosale In an affidavit, he “energetically” denied having had a press conference, much less with the parliamentarian, and said that he is fulfilling his duty in these Covid-19 tests with “utmost devotion” and “in all good faith”.
Bhosale said that once he placed an order for the vials on April 15, his role was over. But he said that if some journalist “casually” asked him a question, he could have “expressed knowledge of such an acquisition by Dr. Vikhe Patil Memorial Hospital.”
The Ahmednagar Police Superintendent submitted a report saying that only 1700 injections were delivered to the Civil Surgeon and 1200 brought by the MP by air.
Vikhe Patil’s defender, Abhay Ostwal, also said that the MP “never claimed that 10,000 injections were brought by air” and that he did not make any specific statement on the number of vials that he brought, including in his videos that have circulated, the HC registered order.
But Kadu defender Pradnya Talekar submitted an affidavit stating that “government authorities are preparing retroactive records to cover up the entire incident.” He said that now they are trying to prove to the HC that there are no irregularities in the purchase of Remdesivir and also that the MP does not have the right to be heard and cannot seek implementation in the petition as a party.
A bench of judges Ravindra Ghughe and BU Debadwar published the matter for an additional hearing until May 5 saying that it would consider the MP’s request to intervene, as well as Kadu’s request to amend his petition and seek action against other elected representatives as well.


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