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Big election victory to boost Vijayan’s control over the party | India News


Big election victory to boost Vijayan's control over the party | India News

When ‘Comrade Captain’ Pinarayi Vijayan broke the 44-year-old revolving door trend in Kerala to win a decisive second term and improve LDF performance from the 2016 assembly polls, the CM consolidated its control over CPM in a way that few other party leaders can claim to have done. The CPM politburo acknowledged that Kerala voted on the performance of the incumbent government and granted it a second consecutive term.
Vijayan’s resounding victory, despite murmurs of authoritarianism, is expected to change the power dynamics within the CPM, weakening the traditional advantage of the Bengal brigade has enjoyed.
The first signs may emerge in the coming months, as Kerala prepares to host the 23rd CPM party congress.
With the LDF led by Vijayan elbowing UDF, the balance is now finally tipped in favor of the new CPM led by Vijayan.


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