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The wait ends, the successor puts on the cloak of expectations | India News


CHENNAI: Shortly after the April 6 vote, DMK chief MK Stalin told the electorate to take precautions against Covid, wrote a letter to Prime Minister Modi demanding universal vaccination, and announced that there would be no shutdown in Tamil Nadu after May 2 (counting day). He was already behaving like a prime minister.
Some said that Stalin was in a hurry, but he also showed his confidence and sense of urgency. “He told party leaders that he had made so many promises that he had to start working right away to fulfill them,” says TKS Elangovan, DMK’s senior leader.

The wait ends, the successor puts on the cloak of expectations | India News

The strategists had consciously put Stalin at the center of the DMK campaign. “His name has never resonated as much as in the last six months,” says the party’s political strategist, Prashant Kishor. “Before, he was ‘son of Kalaignar’, ‘former mayor’ … now … just Stalin, the person, the leader.”

The wait ends, the successor puts on the cloak of expectations | India News

His wait has been so long that many saw him as the ‘perennial prince who could not be the king’. Being Karunanidhi’s son helped him climb the ladder, but step by step: as a member of the DMK general council in 1973, political prisoner during the Emergency, leader of the DMK youth wing in 1982, mayor of Chennai from 1996 to 2002, secretary deputy general of the party in 2003, local minister of administration in 2006 and chief deputy minister in 2009.
The final jump took years. In the run-up to the 2016 assembly elections, he was unofficially screened as CM’s candidate, but when the going got tough, Karunanidhi, then 92, said he would take over the top job. Even when Karunanidhi was bedridden in 2017, Stalin was still acting president; He was finally elected party chairman after Karunanidhi’s death in August 2018. And now, having won Kolathur’s seat in Chennai for the third time in a row, the 68-year-old is ready to take over the administration.
The heir bears the burden of expectation. “It is unfair that Stalin is always compared to his father,” says Elangovan. Besides being a national colossus, Karunanidhi was a great speaker and writer, and Stalin is not. But the son catches up on his hard work. “Ashok Vardhan Shetty, who worked as a bureaucrat under Stalin, agrees.” He has the stamina. He works long hours and travels the state extensively, “says Shetty.” He’s also courteous. and listen to the officials. ”
A consultant who worked with Stalin says the problem is that he listens to too many people, which makes him indecisive. “A CM has to make a quick decision sometimes. Stalin may hesitate, ”he says. This can

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