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‘Oxygen Shortage’ at Two Andhra Pradesh Hospitals Kills 16 Covid Patients | India News


TIRUPATI: In two separate shocking incidents, 16 Covid-19 patients died from alleged lack of oxygen supply in the Andhra Pradesh cities of Anantapur and Kurnool on Saturday. While 11 patients died in the Anantapur government general hospital reportedly due to low pressure in the oxygen pipeline, another five died in a private hospital in Kurnool.
According to joint Anantapur collector Nishanth Kumar, 21 Covid-19 patients have died at Anantapur GGH since Friday due to “various reasons.” However, he did not explain what the “various reasons” are. But, the relatives of the deceased told the media that the GGH doctors themselves had confirmed that there was low pressure in the oxygen supply system, which translated into high mortality.
On the other hand, Anantapur district collector G Chandrudu said there was no oxygen shortage in the district. But after complaints of low pressure, the entire pipeline was thoroughly checked. “Complaints related to the oxygen supply are being addressed and resolved,” he said.
Previously, five Covid patients died in a private hospital in Kurnool on Saturday allegedly from lack of oxygen. The hospital has set up a Covid care center without the necessary permission from the state government. The managing director of the hospital was arrested.

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