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Lives in Danger, Great Tragedy May Happen ‘: 2 Delhi Hospitals Sound Oxygen Alarms | India News


Lives in Danger, Great Tragedy May Happen ': 2 Delhi Hospitals Sound Oxygen Alarms | India News

NEW DELHI: At least two hospitals in Delhi sent desperate SOS calls to authorities on Sunday to replenish their meager oxygen reserves as smaller facilities continued to battle an acute shortage of the life-saving gas amid a spiral of coronavirus cases .
Madhukar Rainbow Children’s Hospital in Malviya sounded a depletion alarm Sunday in the afternoon, saying 50 people, including four newborns, were “at risk.”
A hospital official said in the afternoon that there are around 80 patients, including those with Covid-19, in the hospital. He also has 15 newborns, he said.
“There are 50 people, including four newborns, who are receiving oxygen. They are at risk,” he said. The hospital does not have a liquid oxygen storage tank and relies on oxygen cylinders from a private provider.
“It has become a daily shooting in the absence of a continuous supply. We need about 125 oxygen cylinders a day,” the official said.
The hospital also turned to Twitter for help from authorities. AAP MLA Raghav Chadha tweeted in response: “We have arranged five D-type oxygen cylinders for Rainbow Children’s Hospital, from our response point in Rajghat. The governmentOxygen reserves are extremely limited due to reduced oxygen supply to Delhi, but we are doing our best to avoid any adverse incidents. ”
Dr Deepali Gupta from Triton Hospital in Kalkaji said they have been struggling to get oxygen for their neonatal intensive care unit.
“We have been fighting for oxygen for over a week. A great tragedy can occur if a continuous supply is not secured soon, ”he said. AAP leader Chadha also said that the government has delivered 5 type D cylinders to the hospital from Rajghat Response Point.
“Hospital officials are on their way to pick him up. I sincerely hope that hospital oxygen supply chains will be restored quickly so this firefighting is unsustainable, ”he tweeted.
On Saturday, 12 Covid-19 patients, including a senior doctor, had died at South Delhi’s Batra Hospital after the facility ran out of medical oxygen for about 80 minutes in the afternoon.
The tragic incident occurred in less than two weeks in which twenty coronavirus patients died at Jaipur Golden Hospital and 25 at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital amid an oxygen crisis in the national capital.
Several hospitals in Delhi continue to grapple with oxygen shortages as coronavirus cases continue to rise with each passing day.
The Delhi government has been demanding 976 metric tons of oxygen from the Center against the current allotted quota of 490 MT.
On Friday, the city administration received only 312 MT, an official said. According to official data, Delhi received 305 metric tons of oxygen on April 25, followed by 408 MT on April 26, 398 MT on April 27, 431 MT on April 28 and 409 MT on April 29.


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