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Election El Clásico in Nandigram reaches the wire | India News


NANDIGRAM: Battleground Nandigram produced an epic confrontation in the polls on Sunday as Bengal CM Mamata banerjee and former assistant Suvendu Adhikari He participated in an attrition contest that went all the way, with both candidates alternately leading and trailing through each round of counting.
At 7.54pm, Adhikari tweeted from his official identifier that he had won by a margin of 1,736 votes after the 17th and final round of counting. The TMC The agent immediately demanded a recount, which the scrutineer rejected. This motivated a high-level team Trinamool officials – Derek O’Brien, Firhad Hakim and Kalyan Banerjee – to meet with electoral director Aariz Aftab, demanding a recount.

EC sources later said that even the electoral panel did not question the result of the vote under the People’s Representation Act of 1951. The only way out was to file an electoral petition in the higher court, they said. The EC website, updated around 11pm, declared Adhikari the winner by a margin of 1,956 votes.
Mamata had previously said that he would “accept the verdict of the people in Nandigram” but also demanded a “review”, citing “wrongdoing”. It also indicated that it was considering legal action.
Speaking to the media before the results were declared, Mamata He said: “I had raised the Nandigram question, about how votes were being looted. The whole state gave a mandate, can a constituency give another mandate? It’s possible? It is not.”
The CM claimed that “the servers stopped” for about three hours. “They announce the winning (candidate) and then say something (more). It is looting. There are also some hoaxes being committed. We will seek a review. We will present a court case.”
Mamata, however, said that he did not mind losing Nandigram because “Bengal won the match” and that “you have to make sacrifices in the fights.” Reminding everyone that she once defended Nandigram, the TMC boss said: “I had fought a movement here. But now everything is forgotten. I will accept any verdict the people of Nandigram give… In this match we won 221 (seats); the BJP he has lost face. ”
According to the results published by Adhikari on his Twitter account, it seemed that Nandigram’s fate was decided in the last round, when he took a 2,556-vote lead, reversing a narrow edge that Mamata had maintained until the end of the sixteenth round. counting. Adhikari also thanked the people of Nandigram. “It is my never-ending commitment to serve them and work for their well-being. I am really grateful, ”he said.
Ironically, the latest round of counting involved votes in Sonachura, in the Nandigram-1 block, which is believed to be a stronghold of Trinamool and the epicenter of the anti-land acquisition movement in 2007. Sonachura has a majority Hindu population.
Before the last round, it looked like Mamata would buck initial tendencies to get ahead in the suspense of a competition. While it was the Nandigram-1 Block that brought her closer to a victory, it also sealed her fate. In the early morning trends, Mamata had been left behind for the most part. It wasn’t before round 5 that he began to reduce the lead to 3,110. As the vote count in Nandigram-1 gained momentum, Mamata emerged as the undisputed leader.
Nandigram choosing Adhikari over Mamata could have political repercussions in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, where two MPs elected from Lok Sabha in East Midnapore from the Adhikari family could seek re-election. They are Adhikari’s younger brother, Dibyendu, the deputy from Tamluk; and Father Sisir, MP Contai.
Mamata had not lost an election for the assembly since she participated in Bhowanipore in 2011. Since her electoral debut in 1984, when she overthrew CPM Somnath Chatterjee, a polling heavyweight from Lok Sabha, had lost an election only once, in 1989. Except for Prafulla Chandra Sen and Ajoy Mukherjee (Arambag) and Jyoti Basu (Satgachia), Kolkata has always chosen the Bengal CMs.

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