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Bengal lost, pressure on BJP to retain Uttar Pradesh | India News


Bengal lost, pressure on BJP to retain Uttar Pradesh | India News

NEW DELHI: BJP recorded significant success in retaining office in Assam, proving that his victory in the state with a sizable population of Muslims was not one-time, he secured a couple of seats in Tamil Nadu, consolidated his steadily increasing share of votes in Kerala and finished on the winning side in Puducherry. However, the trophy he seemed to be coveting the most, a victory in Bengal, eluded him.
The BJP, which won just 10% of the vote and three seats five years ago in Bengal, was hoping for a repeat of the surprise it achieved in Tripura. The party’s performance in the Lok Sabha polls, when it won 18 out of 42 seats, had whetted his appetite and led him to believe that a victory over Mamata banerjee it was a realistic goal.
With a campaign that sought to capitalize on resentment over Banerjee’s appeasement and the corruption and excesses of the Trinamool officials, in addition to seeking to target specific caste groups and women, BJP thought it was on the right track. The answer to PM Narendra modi of the crowds he drew only increased confidence. Only the result on Sunday was different.
BJP officials are looking into whether the outreach to certain sections did not go as planned, even as strong turnout from Trinamool voters, including Muslims, helped Banerjee’s cause. It is also felt that the campaign was let down by a weak organization.
A BJP source also said that the 18 Lok Sabha seats that the party won had to be seen in the context of Modi receive a second term. Motivation levels in state polls were not that high, and it was also the case that Banerjee had been caught off guard in 2019 and this was not the case in assembly polls.
The results in Assam and West Bengal are important in terms of the party’s search for new areas of influence and reduce its dependence on North and West India for parliamentary majorities. While Assam will help BJP grow in the northeast, the setback in West Bengal is more serious.
Pressure on the BJP to win the upcoming state elections in Uttar Pradesh it will grow with the elections scheduled for next year. The mountainous state of Uttarakhand is also scheduled for the polls and the party is not in good shape there. The UP polls will be important in setting the tone, as it has been the backbone of the BJP’s parliamentary majorities in 2014 and 2019.
Bengal has been an adverse political and ideological battleground and it would have projected a victory as a great triumph for its Hindutva and its model of development.
However, winning Assam is the consolation the party needed to continue its expansion in the eastern region, as it faced a strong Congress-AIUDF alliance with the possibility of anti-incumbent sentiments.


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