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India Deploys Seven Warships to Transport Large Oxygen Containers | India News


India Deploys Seven Warships to Transport Large Oxygen Containers | India News

INS Talwar with 40 metric tons of liquid medical oxygen is en route to Mumbai from Manama in Bahrain

NEW DELHI: India has already deployed seven Warships to transport cryogenic containers filled with liquid oxygen and medical supplies from abroad, even as the armed forces are mobilizing around 600 additional doctors as part of their ongoing efforts against the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.
The stealth frigate INS Talwar with 40 metric tons of liquid medical oxygen is already en route to Mumbai from Manama in Bahrain under Operation Samudra Setu-II, while the destroyer INS Kolkata is in Doha in Qatar to ship medical supplies.
“INS Kolkata will then head to Kuwait to ship oxygen tanks. The second batch of ships, INS Kochi, INS Trikand and INS Tabar, which were deployed on mission in the Arabian Sea were also diverted to join the national effort, ”Navy spokesman Commander Vivek Madhwal said on Saturday.
“Similarly, the amphibious warships INS Airavat and INS Jalashwa have been deployed east on board. The former is scheduled to enter Singapore to ship oxygen tanks, while the latter is waiting in the region to ship medical supplies on short notice. The Navy has the capacity to deploy more warships when necessary, ”he added.
IAF heavy lift aircraft such as the C-17 Globemaster-III and IL-76 also continue to transport empty cryogenic containers from onboard and within the country. So far, the planes have made 158 departures within the country, transporting 109 containers with a total capacity of 2,271 metric tons. They have also made 28 departures from abroad to transport 47 containers with 830 metric tons of capacity.
At a review meeting in Delhi, the military chiefs also informed Defense Minister Rajnath Singh that around 600 additional doctors are being mobilized through special measures, such as recalling those who have retired in recent years.
The army has made more than 720 beds available to civilians in its hospitals in different parts of the country, while the Navy has also deployed 200 nursing assistants to the battlefield.
“The minister was also informed that the 500-bed hospital that DRDO is establishing in Lucknow will start operating in the next two or three days. Another hospital in Varanasi is likely to be ready by May 5, “said an official.
DRDO President Dr. G Satheesh Reddy, in turn, said that the first four of the 380 proposed “oxygen pressure swing adsorption” plants that are manufactured with the PM CARES fund will be installed in New York hospitals. Delhi next week. IAF, in turn, they have supplied around 500 portable oxygen cylinders from their warehouses to various civilian hospitals.


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