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Covid vaccination for those over 18 may be delayed as Kerala has yet to receive vaccinations: Vijayan | India News


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Kerala Prime Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has said that Covid vaccination for those over 18 may be delayed as the state has yet to receive the vaccine from manufacturers.
“The process of purchasing the vaccine from the vaccine manufacturers is in progress. We had decided to vaccinate all people over 45 years of age before May 30, but it will not be possible because we have not yet received the required vaccine stock. Therefore, the central government must take immediate action to make more vaccines available. ” he said.
Vaccination was opened in the country on May 1 for those between 18 and 44 years old in the third phase of the campaign. Addressing the media here on Saturday, the prime minister reiterated that those waiting for the second dose of the vaccine will take precedence over those who have registered for the first dose.
It also issued a stern warning that the government will be forced to take legal action against private laboratories in the state that do not pass on the benefits of the revised RTPCR test fee to clients.
On April 29, the state government drastically reduced the rate of the RTPCR test used to detect coronavirus infection from Rs 1,700 to Rs 500.
“We understand that some private labs are refusing to perform RT-PCR tests after their rates are lowered. The government expects private labs to cooperate with the government’s decision and adhere to the revised rates.
The revised fee of Rs 500 includes the cost of labor to conduct the test and the price of the materials / equipment used for the test, which amounts to Rs 240. These rates were decided after a detailed
study, “he said.
Vijayan said it has also been noted that some labs are encouraging their customers to opt for the expensive TrueNat test. “The government will not accept this at a time when the spread of the disease is increasing. We will be forced to take legal action against those laboratories that refuse to do the tests or insist on billing at the previous rate,” he said.
The prime minister also extended his May Day greetings to all healthcare workers who have dedicated themselves to Covid prevention and are at the forefront of fighting this pandemic for more than a year without a break.
Kerala today reported 35,636 new Covid cases out of 1,46,474 sample tests with a test positivity rate of 24.33 percent. Two districts, Kozhikode and Ernakulam, have reported more than 5,000 new cases. The total number of patients in treatment in the state is now 3,23,828 even as 15,493 patients were cured of the infection during the
last one day. The figure has risen to 5,356 with 48 dead.
The prime minister also reported that 150 private hospitals (up from 106 a week ago) are now part of the Karunya Aarogya Suraksha Scheme (KASP). Efforts are also being made to add more private hospitals as part of this scheme. This would allow the government to bear the medical expenses of more Covid patients seeking treatment in private hospitals. They have been asked to reserve 50 percent of their beds for Covid treatment.
The CM has once again asked all political parties and their supporters to avoid victory processions, celebrations, meetings or acts of thanksgiving on the day of the scrutiny after the announcement of the electoral results in light of the serious situation of Covid in the state.

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