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Baby found lying next to dead mom | India News


Baby found lying next to dead mom | India News

PUNE: Two female Dighi police officers rescued a one-year-old boy who lay quietly next to his mother’s body in his home on Pimpri Chinchwad, on Tuesday.
Police suspect that the babyThe mother could have died a couple of days ago. His neighbors realized that he had died when a foul odor began to emanate from the house. Fearing Covid, they did not dare to help the boy, who went hungry for at least two days.
The two female police officers, Sushila Gabhale and Rekha Vaje, took care of the baby. They fed him milk and cookies. After the boy regained his senses, he was taken to a hospital. “The child tested negative for Covid-19. According to the directives of the Child Welfare Committee, we have moved him to a child care home, ”said the lead inspector. Mohan shinde of Dighi police, he said. “The reason for the death of the baby’s mother is unknown,” he said.


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