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Twitter clarifies government requests | India News


Twitter clarifies government requests | India News

BENGALURU: Days later Twitter was asked by him government To remove content critical of handling the pandemic in India, the company said that should it receive an additional request to withhold content from the government, it will continue to engage in an open and constructive manner keeping the spirit of public conversation alive during a crisis.
“We will also continue to proactively communicate with any affected accounts and will also post each individual request we receive from the government in the Lumen database, a level of transparency that is unique in the industry,” Twitter said Thursday. However, the company did not mention the nature of the content it had recently removed.
Lumen is a project of the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society in Harvard University. The database collects and analyzes legal complaints and requests to remove materials online, making users aware of their rights to know and understand the law. This data allows users to study the prevalence of legal threats and allows them to see the origin of content removal. The database contains millions of notices, many of them with a valid legal basis, some without, and some on the dark border. The database grows by more than 40,000 ads per week, with voluntary submissions provided by companies such as Google, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, Medium and WordPress.


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