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More Global Records Fall: Daily Covid Cases Hit 4 Lakh, April Count at 69 Lakh | India News

NEW DELHI: India’s cruelest Covid month to date ended with another world record, as daily cases surpassed a record 4 lakh on Friday, while 6.9 million (69 lakh) new infections were detected in the country during April, the highest count of all cases. month in any country so far.
The death toll from the pandemic in April stood at 48,768. This was not only the highest of any month so far in India, but higher than the deaths reported in the previous five months combined.
On Friday, the country recorded 4.02,351 new cases, according to TOI data based on state government figures, making India the first country in the world to pass the grim milestone. The daily case count had crossed the 3 lakh mark just nine days ago on April 21, when India surpassed the US record for the highest number of cases reported in a single day: 3.07,516 on January 8, this year, according to worldometers.info.

More Global Records Fall: Daily Covid Cases Hit 4 Lakh, April Count at 69 Lakh | India News

A total of 69,36,034 new cases were reported in the country in April, higher than the numbers detected in the worst three previous months combined. During those three months (August, September and October last year), a total of 64.9 lakh cases were reported. In fact, more cases were detected in April than in the previous six months combined.
More than a third of all cases (36%) and almost a quarter (23%) of all deaths since the beginning of the pandemic have occurred in this month alone, which explains why the health care infrastructure of India was so overwhelmed in April.
What’s more bad news for India’s grim battle against the rising virus, the national positivity rate in the past three days has been a high 21.6%, meaning more than one in five people who were tested for Covid-19 turned out to be positive. This indicated that the daily numbers may increase further in the coming days.
Up to eight states and Union territories posted their highest daily case count on Friday. These were led by Karnataka, which reported a massive increase in the number, with 48,296 new cases reported on Friday. This was the highest daily count ever recorded in any state other than Maharashtra. Bengaluru alone recorded 26,596 cases, the highest for any city other than Delhi.
Other states / UT that recorded their highest daily case counts were Tamil Nadu (18,692), Bengal (17,411), Andhra Pradesh (17,354), Bihar (15,853), Gujarat (14,605), Odisha (8,681) and J&K (3,532) .
Maharashtra continued to report the highest count of new cases, with 62,919 on Friday, while numbers in Uttar Pradesh (34,626), Delhi (27,047), Rajasthan (17,155), Chhattisgarh (14,994), Haryana (13,833) and Madhya Pradesh ( 12,400), among others, remained high.
For the fourth day in a row, India reported more than 3,000 deaths, with a toll of 3,471 on Friday. Maharashtra reported 828 deaths, followed by Delhi (375), Uttar Pradesh (332, the highest in the state so far), Karnataka (217) and Chhattisgarh (216).

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