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3 MP Towns Raise Money, Establish DIY Covid Hospitals | India News


BHOPAL: With many hospitals in MP with almost no beds equipped with oxygen, at least three villages in the Balaghat district hit by the Maoists have become self-sufficient and have raised money to convert existing shelters into Covid care centers, with vital supplies of oxygen.
Villagers have bought oxygen concentrators and are admitting patients. Government doctors have started visiting these facilities twice a day. Local MLAs and administrative officials have extended their support for these ‘do-it-yourself hospitals’, and more surrounding towns are following in their footsteps.
The first hospital emerged a couple of weeks ago in Lalbarra tehsil after a small businessman struggled to obtain adequate treatment for his daughter. In the united community, others were moved by their anguish and the idea gripped them that they could establish a hospital on their own. They began to collect money.
It took villagers a month to get the center up and running
A local doctor named Arun Lange joined the effort. Word spread quickly and MLA Gauri Shankar Bisen contributed five oxygen concentrators.
It took them almost a month to start the Covid center. Now, it is running full blast, and patients get food and medicine from the money raised, sources say.
District collector Deepak Arya said: “The effort of the people of Lalbarra is commendable. Now the people of Waraseoni and Lanji have raised money to start their own Covid centers. “” Lalbarra bought oxygen concentrators. Our doctor, Ritwik Patel, has led all the campaigns. He has gathered resources from the government and the private sector to convert the shelters in Covid care centers ”, said the collector.
Balaghat has reported 37 deaths from Covid and there are almost 1,200 active cases, more than 70% of them in home isolation. Approximately 230 patients are on oxygen support and 15 are in ICU.

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