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Weekend curfew in Leh: air, road trips allowed | India News

NEW DELHI: The Leh The district administration on Thursday imposed a district-wide weekend curfew from Friday 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. on Monday, May 3, with a view to stemming the increase in the number of Covid-19 cases.
A notification issued by Leh Deputy Commissioner Shrikant Balasaheb Suse, those arriving or departing by air will be able to travel to or from Leh airport on the basis of a boarding pass or tickets.
Road traffic, including freight carriers, from outside the district will be allowed, but travelers or freight operators will need to show proof and observe Covid protocols. The movement of relevant administration officials and persons providing essential services on the basis of valid I cards will also be allowed.
This is the latest in a series of restrictions imposed by the district administration since the number of cases began to rise in March. The number of positive cases recently skyrocketed to more than 2,000 in Ladakh, but has currently dropped to 1,600.
The administration shows no leniency in implementing the Covid protocols. Two restaurants near Leh were recently sealed for violating Covid curbs.
The increase in positive cases of Covid coincides with the influx of a large number of people from outside the territory of the union after the restoration of road connectivity earlier this month. Workers hired for border highways and other infrastructure projects make up the majority of the people entering. Additionally, thousands of truckers and cleaners are also arriving as the pace of supplies increases.
Many Ladakh residents who work or study outdoors are also returning home, as major cities in the states, including Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai, impose blockades. However, the flow of tourists has slowed to a trickle, both by air and by road, after showing a rebound in early March.
The administration recently decided to block the entry of migrant workers without a negative RT-PCR report. This was done after a higher rate of positivity between them. The RT-PCR test report became mandatory for tourists long before. Those who come without a test report are tested at the point of entry and must be quarantined until their report is negative. Covid checkpoints and quarantine facilities have been set up in Upshi on the Manali road and Khaltse on the Srinagar road to protect those coming by road.

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