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Transferring Kappan to Delhi hospital: SC | India News


Transferring Kappan to Delhi hospital: SC | India News

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Wednesday he ordered the UP government to change journalist Siddique Kappan, detained since October 5 for alleged links with the Popular Front of India (PFI) and accused of going to Hathras allegedly to create discord in the wake of the death of a girl who was attacked, of Mathura jail to a Delhi hospital for treatment.
This address was received with disapproval and resistance by the UP government, which through the attorney general Tushar mehta said all the hospitals in Delhi were full of Covid patients and admitted The layer, a 42-year-old non-Covid inmate charged under the Illicit Activities Prevention Act, to a Delhi hospital would result in asking a Covid patient, who could be an elderly person, to vacate her bed. “I cannot ask any hospital to do such a thing,” said the SG.
A CJI NV Ramana bench and judges Surya Kant and AS Bopanna approved the order after attorney Wills Mathews, appearing for the Kerala Union of Worker Journalists and Kappan’s wife said the defendant was in serious health condition with severe diabetes and had been in jail for more than six months. The court dismissed the request for a warrant filed by the Union and said that Kappan would be returned to Mathura jail after doctors certified that he was fit. “Kappan will be free to … request bail from a competent court after he is treated,” the court said.
The SG said that the UP government was responsible for the health not only of Kappan but of all the prisoners in the jail. When asked aloud whether they should be admitted to Delhi hospitals, the bank said: “We are only considering Kappan’s case on humanitarian grounds.” Meanwhile, Kappan’s wife, Raihnath, said the SC’s order was “a great relief.” “It is a great relief for us, but our real victory would be when Kappan gets out of jail and rejoins us,” Raihnath told TOI by phone.


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